Invasive Plant Species on the Sunshine Coast

We would like to thank the District Of Sechelt - Community Investment Program for their funding contribution towards the Invasive Plant Species project.

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica)

About Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a tenacious invasive perennial shrub-like herb that grows 3-4 m (9-13ft) tall; the rhizomes spread rapidly and can re-grow annually from tiny stem and root fragments. Young shoots look like red asparagus and the stems resemble hollow, green bamboo with reddish/purple speckles. The leaves are egg-to heart-shaped with a pointed tip. It flowers in Aug/Sept with small white to greenish clusters. Stalks can push through thick pavement, damage septic fields, pipes and concrete foundations.

How to Remove

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