Invasive Plant Species on the Sunshine Coast

We would like to thank the District Of Sechelt - Community Investment Program for their funding contribution towards the Invasive Plant Species project.

Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia Esula)

About Leafy Spurge

Leafy Spurge is considered among the most ‘unwanted’ invasive plant in BC. It is a unique competitive plant because it produces a compound that actively inhibits the growth of other plants nearby. It spreads quickly with an extensive root system and the seed capsules open explosively, dispersing seed up to 5 m (16ft) from the parent plant. It has clusters of petite, yellowish-green flowers supported by distinctive heart-shaped leaves just below the flowers. It is a bushy plant that grows to 1 m (3ft) tall with narrow leaves that spiral around the stem.

How to Remove

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