Invasive Plant Species on the Sunshine Coast

We would like to thank the District Of Sechelt - Community Investment Program for their funding contribution towards the Invasive Plant Species project.

Orange Hawkweed (Pilosella Aurantiaca)

About Orange Hawkweed

Orange Hawkweed is a perennial species that reproduces via above-ground runners and rhizomes, seeds and, in some cases, buds that sprout from the roots. It spreads by intentional and accidental human activities, wind, animals, and in contaminated hay and soil. It has bright orange flowers with several flower heads in clusters atop each stem. The usually single unbranched leafless stem contains a milky fluid, is 30 cm-120 cm (1-4ft) tall and covered in black hairs. The leaves are found at the base of the stem in rosette formation and are hairy on both upper and lower surfaces.

How to Remove

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